Another John/Keith story..

Pairing: John/Keith
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Written by me alone, blahblahblah
Notes: LONG. Several chapters, all from different POV's, flashbacks and flashforwards, generally just probably a pain in the ass to read. But that's how it came out of my brain, so that's how it's written. :)

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A short one (from me, imagine!)

Pairing: John/Keith
Disclaimer:My own brain's wanderings, blahblahblah.

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NOTES: So this one was inspired by the thankfully short-lived Unfortunate Mustache. You Ox gals/guys know the one I'm talking about, don't you? ;D

If not, click here:
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How the Ox stole Christmas

Title: How the Ox Stole Christmas
Author/artist:Corleoned (Me, obviously >.>)
Rating: G (Drunken behavior, mention of drugs, bad rhyming, butchering of a classic Christmas tale XD)
Summary: The Ox attempts to steal Christmas from The Whos, in particular one certain Keithy-Moon Who |D
Word Count: Summit longer |D
Warnings: This was remembered through a festive haze of insomnia at 3 in the morning. My parents actually created this version with us when we became more interested in music than Christmas traditions XD Also, first post here, so hello! -waves-
Disclaimer: I do not own The Who (yet), this probably did not happen, and there have never been any sexual relationship between Keith Moon and John Entwistle, even implied in crappy fanfiction such as mine XD

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[Jeith] laugh

it's been almost a year and a half...

Surprised to see me? ;)

One half of your mod-squad for this community is back momentarily to bring you some Christmas Jeith...

Title: A Very Cherry Christmas
Pairing: John Entwistle/Keith Moon
Rating: PG for the implication of a relationship at the end
Summary: It's Christmas time once again...
Notes: It's been so, so long since I've written any Jeith. And to think I once earned the title of the "Queen of Jeith". *cries* I hope everybody enjoys and has a very merry (or cherry) Christmas :)

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Long time no post...

I know I've been shamefully neglecting these two, but I bring a little peace offering.

Title: Just Checking
Pairing: John/Keith
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Keith dressed up for his band mates.
Warnings: booze, swearing, crossdressing, what do you expect?
Author's notes:
Disclaimer: Neither did this happen nor do I own anything.

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