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Cell Number 7

Moon and Entwistle - Two of a kind

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Welcome to Cell Number 7, a community dedicated to the relationship between John Entwistle and Keith Moon.

This is your place for discussions about quotes, videos, pictures, and anything else of that nature.
Found a song that reminds you of the two? Share it with us!
Wrote a fic? Feel free to post it here as well as in whoslash.

We want this to remain a positive community for everyone, so there must be some ground rules!


- First and foremost: Be friendly! We're here to talk about the special bond between these two people, so let's follow their example.

- For any content that might warrant an R+ rating (fic or otherwise), please be sure to make the entry friends only. Also, a warning is a good idea, just to emphasize the type of content.

- Posting lots of pictures, or even just one large one? Please use an lj-cut!

- This community does contain slash. Don't like? Don't read. Please use your own judgement/discrection to decide what or what not you want to view.

- Please try to apply the conventional rules of English grammar in your posts. We all make some mistakes occasionally that's fine, but if people can't understand you there's no point in posting.

- Trolls/flamers = banned. So don't bother.

When posting a work of fiction, please use the form below:
Word Count:

Here's to hoping for a fun, successful community, celebrating these two friends and their immense affection for one another!
Your loving mods,
luisadeza & sittinonthedock

Disclaimer: We are not claiming that our assumptions about a relationship between messieurs Entwistle and Moon are consistant with reality. This is our own imaginary view, though it cannot be denied that they were very special to one another.


"I suppose we were two of a kind. [...] We shared a room on the road and got up to no good. We'd listen to the others getting on their high horses about something, look at each other and fall about in hysterics."
John Entwistle

"They had a very trusting relationship, a very loving relationship."
Pete Townshend

"It was a soul relationship. Y'know, Keith and John were...together."
Chris Stamp

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Also, behold the John/Keith anthem:



led zeppelin slash!